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A Cool Dresser Designed by Olgoj Chorchoj

August 3rd, 2012 | Posted in bedroom furniture
Cool dresser named “Princess” by Olgoj Chorchoj studio design, made ​​from black walnut, and polishing techniques to the surface has a metallic luster.
It caontains one hidden in the round bezel Mirror, mirror, followed by four grid can store jewelry or cosmetics, there is another simple and practical drawer.
If you want to choose a gift for your wife or daughter, Princess dresser is a good choice.
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Home Deco with Bright Color

June 20th, 2012 | Posted in bedroom furniture, living room furniture
When the sun is shine, our mood will be extra comfortable. So bright colors are especially popular in home deco design. This design can be modern or retro, according to the decoration of your own preferences to make home full of vibrant atmosphere. You can choose bright colors, carpet, chairs, or a few simple accessories to look at the design of the 10 models and bright home, may help you inspired.
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Children’s Cool and Colorful Bedroom

June 18th, 2012 | Posted in bedroom furniture

Children’s bedroom design can be demanding and if not your little one has shown a huge interest in something thing over the other, the chances are that you will still be creating the interior decorating ideas from him. With a little directness to your Children’s  bedroom ideas and tastes, you might be capable of gathering from him what you have to make a Children’s bedroom that he will really get pleasure from for quite many years to come. Unless you have some personal doubt, it might be a great idea to begin with his preferred color.

When you have determined the color from him, then you have found what color you must paint the boys’ bedroom. Other than that, you will probably need to perform most of the decision making for him. If he has not shown a good interest in something in particular, this just means that he is using his time resolving and you should not place too many other characters in his bedroom since he might decide that he does not like them. The last thing you desire is for your kid to feel uncomfortable in a Children’s bedroom because he does not like the images you put up in the room.

When you have selected the color, you should decide whether you want paint and wallpaper in the Children’s bedroom. Paint is simple to implement in Children’s bedroom decor and dries relatively fast. Hours of scrubbing and pulling at any wallpaper since it is seriously fixed to the wall is not enjoyable. Much easier to take a new innovative color and restore the old with the new. Once the wallpaper or color is selected and in the walls, the rest of your work for the Children’s bedroom will be simple to complete.

Artwork is fun to integrate into a Children’s bedroom as well. There are countless artworks offered for little Children’s rooms which can be bought online. Another alternative is to just find a photograph resource website and print the picture, and buy simple frames to place them in. If they are searching for cowboys, horses, cars or trains, just type this in, and there are many alternatives to pick from. Vector images are wonderful for cartoon type characters. If you are proficient with Adobe Photoshop, you can modify colors in the pictures, add text, or put a patchwork together using several photos. Those all are some great examples of boys’ bedroom designs you can apply.

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Floating Bed, let you have a bay-like sleep

June 4th, 2012 | Posted in bedroom furniture

“Floating bed” is invented by a 65years old American, John Huff. He said, sleeping in this bed feels is just like sleeping in the mother’s arm. Most of these beds used in hotels or resorts, giving a sense different to enjoy. this floating bed  is so amazing, isn’t it?

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