A Cool Dresser Designed by Olgoj Chorchoj

August 3rd, 2012 | Posted in bedroom furniture
Cool dresser named “Princess” by Olgoj Chorchoj studio design, made ​​from black walnut, and polishing techniques to the surface has a metallic luster.
It caontains one hidden in the round bezel Mirror, mirror, followed by four grid can store jewelry or cosmetics, there is another simple and practical drawer.
If you want to choose a gift for your wife or daughter, Princess dresser is a good choice.
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Adding Stylish Bathroom Furniture into Your Bathroom

May 7th, 2012 | Posted in bathroom furniture

Before we discuss the various products and features that could benefit your bathroom, it’s important to note that you must always take into consideration how each piece will complement the room. Buying furniture purely for its functionality is a great way of creating a practical bathroom, but it will likely leave the room lacking in style and consistency of design. The ideal here is to source some features and furniture that are not only practical, but all contribute and adhere to the bathrooms overall appearance.

Finding a piece of bathroom furniture to meet your needs and enhance the appearance of your bathroom is much easier than you may think. Consider a few of the following things when it comes to the colour and design of each piece of furniture you see:

  • Does it match the primary/secondary colour featured in my bathroom?
  • Will the wood/chrome/acrylic texture enhance or clash with the other textures in my bathroom?
  • Does the piece of furniture serve a practical purpose?

If the piece meets these criteria then you can be sure it will serve your bathroom well.

Fantastic Additions

Now we have some guidelines set for our bathroom shopping, let’s look at some great pieces of bathroom furniture that can bring heaps of style and practicality to your bathroom experience. Each of these pieces are available at Bathshop321 and are carefully crafted to create high-quality, great value products.

Stylish Storage

Bathshop321 have a great selection of stylish storage solutions. Our spacious basin units that can be fitted beneath your washing basin to create extra storage for those clutter some towels and bathroom products, and with such a wide range or basin units, Bathshop321 are sure to have the perfect piece for your bathroom!

Alternatively, our great range of mirrored bathroom cabinets also provide ample storage space for those ‘hard to organise’ bathroom products. This not only adds the convenience of a high quality mirror for those post-wash grooming sessions, but can also add an easy-access place to store toiletries and beauty products.

If you are looking for a stylish yet more substantial bathroom storage solution, consider one of the fantastic Bathshop321 drawer units, tallboys, cupboards and laundry baskets. These fantastic units provide maxim storage space while adding heaps of style to any matching bathroom.

Wash in Style

Adding a piece of furniture which brings something a little ‘different’ to your bathroom is a great way to not only benefit from the functionality of the piece, but also add a cool contemporary twist to your bathroom.

Features such as Bathshop321’s Freestanding Washbowls are a fantastic example of practical products with a twist; these contemporary bowls come in a range of shapes and sizes, each designed and crafted to give maximum effect. Our generous selection of Freestanding Washbowls is sure to yield pieces which will compliment your bathroom wonderfully.

So there we have some simple tips and thought to help you effectively apply furniture to your bathroom; remember to always consider colour before adding a piece to your bathroom!

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